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Clarinet Playing Peacock Farmer

In 2007 after teaching music education for 33 years, (along with being a peacock entrepreneur) Dennis Fett was encouraged by his wife and a former student to resurrect an old clarinet act he performed in college & at community events some 25+ years earlier. Fett (co-owner of the Peacock Information Center) is an accomplished clarinet player who had a Bachelor of Music Degree and studied clarinet for six years with Professor Joseph Allard at the Juliard School of Music, New York City.  While in high school and later in college, Fett was a professional musician in the New York City and New Jersey metro area.  He also played in numerous professional orchestras for off-off Broadway musicals.  During this career, Fett taught instrumental music & vocal music in South Dakota, Nebraska and is currently teaching elementary vocal music and elementary band in Iowa.  He has been and still is an adjudicator (judge) for woodwinds/clarinets for the Iowa High School Music Association Small Group Contest for the last 25+ years.  
Fett returned to the stage after a 25 year hiatus from playing his clarinet to be a finalist in Iowa's Got Talent  contest (In April 2007) to perform a clarinet solo called Immer Kleiner (always smaller). This song requires Fett to start playing his clarinet all together and then gradually start taking it apart piece by piece, ending up playing only the mouthpiece. Fett chose to dedicate his entire musical career of 34 years to teaching music education in the public schools foregoing any professional playing aspirations and opportunities.

Although Fett feels that this performance of Immer Kleiner on YouTube could be better and wish it was, he released this video as an encouragement to all past instrumentalists to pick up their instrument and play again for fun.

Fett has had fun over the last year since his played at the Iowa's Got Talent show and was also bitten by the performance "bug" after returning to the stage. He was inspired to write two more novelty arrangements like Immer Kleiner and performed one of them at a juvenile diabetes benefit concert. Fett and also created a 40 minute clarinet novelty act that also features him singing the peacock song he & his wife wrote.