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Staycations with peacocks!

Staycations with peacocks!

An unusual thing is happening during the current hard economic times, there is a tremendous amount of inquiries with rural people looking for stay at home activities for the summer with their families.

Dennis Fett co-owner/founder of the Peacock Information Center has been fielding numerous questions from his web site this spring from potential peacock owners. They are looking into incubating peahen hatching eggs this Summer as an activity that will keep them and their family at home.

According to Fett, “I am very surprised to hear from so many people during these hard economic times as I felt people would just forget about raising peacocks/peafowl and that would be the end of the peacock world we had the last 29 years”.

Because of this, Fett is coining a “Staycation with peacocks”. For those not knowing what a stay-cation is, it was a term created when people were looking for a stay at home activity as an alternative to a vacation.

Because of these difficult economic times many Americans are not willing to just sit and do nothing at home this summer. Rather, rural people living where they can have animals are turning to raising peacocks from hatching eggs.

All it takes are a few eggs and an incubator and in 28 days a peachick should hatch. During the incubation period the egg owner is getting ready by building a simple and inexpensive pen to raise the new hatchling.

All who are interested are invited to check out the peahen hatching egg sale on our web page.