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Corn prices hit $6.00 per bushel

Hold on to your billfold as the price of corn has hit a record price of $6.00 per Bushel! They say it's even going up more the next year as well, not good news for peafowl owners and breeders.

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The price of corn, game bird food and any product that includes corn will cost us more! I hit the roof on 1-14-08 when the price of corn was $4.57. Yes, I know that all prices go up but this much of a price increase was never expected. Now 4 months later we hit record prices. If you think that your billfold expenses for your peafowl is the only place that it is going to cost you, think again. Every animal that is fed with corn will have a higher price because of the corn prices.

I may make some mad but this is a way to steal more of our hard earned money in every part of life to include the price of heating our house along with the high price of gas for our cars and now corn.

The price of peafowl will get higher and higher because of the price of corn. This is not good as this will depress an already slow peafowl market in 2008. We look to see an even slower peafowl market for the next 18-24 months and possibly longer depending on the price of feed and other items associated in the raising of peafowl.

We have always promoted peafowl for 28 years and wanted as many people as possible to have them. However, as prices increase, people will not be willing to spend what it really costs to breed peafowl. It should be noted that peafowl are one of the most expensive birds in the poultry world. This is due to the fact that it takes peafowl 2 years to breed.

Please report to us the cost of feed (corn & 28-30% game bird) in your area and we will post a list of what we get to see what is going on all around the USA.

Also please write us your feelings on feed prices and we will post them on the blog.

In the future I plan on allowing people to post comments on each blog entry. Till then, please e-mail us your feelings...include as much info on yourself for this blog.

Till next time, keep peafowling!